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Terms of Use 

(Terms of Use revised on 03/02/2023)


These Terms of Use are entered into between EasyRishta Ltd (hereinafter “EasyRishta”) and any individual who is a Member or Subscriber (hereinafter “you” or “your”).

EasyRishta offer services which aim to facilitate dating and matrimonial services between individuals for personal, entertainment and non-commercial purposes through electronic communications networks (hereinafter the “Services”), including namely :

  • EasyRishta, available to Members and Subscribers of EasyRishta online or through mobile applications.

For each of the Services, certain features are available to Members free of charge while other features are paid for and accessible only by Subscribers.

By creating an Account, the Member or Subscriber acknowledges that they are fully informed of and bound by all the provisions of (i) the Terms of Use, (ii) our Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy and Community Guidelines, each of which is incorporated by reference in these Terms of Use, and any additional terms disclosed and agreed to by the Member or to a Subscriber when they purchase Paid Services offered on the Services, which constitute an agreement between them and EasyRishta. In case a Member or Subscriber does not agree to be bound by all of the terms of these Terms of Use, they must stop using the Services.

The Terms of Use are the property of EasyRishta and its Group. Accordingly, any dissemination, exploitation, representation, reproduction or other use, in whole or in part, on any medium, of the Terms of Use for purposes other than strictly personal and non-professional, is subject to EasyRishta’s prior authorization. Without this authorization, the infringing party may be subject to criminal and civil prosecution as provided for by law.

Article 1. Definitions

The words or terms used in these Terms of Use and commencing with a capital letter shall have the following meaning:

“Account” refers to the strictly personal interface, which is accessible to Members and Subscribers, permitting them to be identified on the Websites, benefit from the Services they have registered for or subscribed to, complete and modify their Profile and, if applicable, renew or modify their Subscription.

“Core Dating Websites” refers to the Websites accessible to all Members.

“Event” or “Activity” both refer to, depending on the Website delivering the Service, any free or paid event allowing Members and Subscribers and, if applicable, their Guests to meet in person, offered in accordance with EasyRishta’s Terms and Conditions for Events, the defined terms of which are also used herein, and article 10 of these Terms of Use.

 “Group” refers to any corporation or other business entity controlled by, controlling, or under the common control with, International Limited.

“Member” refers to a user who has access to one of the Services after validly registering for free on the Websites.

“Paid Services” refers to all paid Services available to Subscribers, including the Upgrades.

“Profile” refers to a the content provided by a Member or Subscriber, which comprises of the Member’s or Subscriber’s self-description, including their characteristics, photos and videos, and which is accessible by other Members and Subscribers.

“Services” refers to all services, whether paid or free of charge, available to Members or Subscribers, provided on the Websites by the Group.

“Specialised Websites” refers to the Websites reserved for certain categories of Members or Subscribers.

“Subscriber” refers to a user of one or more Services who has purchased a Subscription to one or more Services.

 “Subscription” refers to a fixed price giving access to Services, including paid Services, for a limited period specified in the relevant Subscription purchased by a Subscriber.

 “Terms of Use” refers to this contract.

“Third-party Websites” refers to any third-party Internet websites or mobile application.

“Upgrade” refers to any Paid Service other than a Subscription

 “Visitor” refers to a user who visits the Website without registering or without connecting to his/her Account.

“Websites” refers to all dating websites provided by a company in the Group, including the Core Dating Websites and the Specialised Websites as well as the mobile applications published by the companies of the Group and through which the Services are provided.

Article 2. Access, registration and Subscription

2.1. Procedure and terms of access and registration to the Services

Registration to the Services is free.

Acceptance of these Terms of Use when registering constitutes the formal conclusion of the membership contract for the Services. This results in becoming a Member, discovering the Services and gives access to free functionalities of the Services described in article 4.1 below.

The Services are only intended for adults over 18 years old. If a Member or Subscriber is under 18, they are not authorized to use the Services and must immediately cease using any of the Services.

By creating a Profile and using the Services, Members and Subscribers represent and warrant that:

  • they are over 18 and can form a legally binding contract with EasyRishta.

  • they must meet the conditions for registration stated on the relevant Services from time to time.

  • they will comply with these Terms of Use and all applicable laws and regulations.

  • they will comply with the Community Guidelines

  • they will provide correct, accurate and true information that is not misleading. In particular, they must be truthful and honest in the responses they provide in their Profile and when interacting with other users and/or with EasyRishta and its Group.

  • they will abide by the Services’ purpose, which is to allow individuals to chat for personal, entertainment and non-commercial purposes, for the overall purpose of seeking a bona fide relationship.

  • they will promptly update, suspend or delete their profile in case their personal situation changes and they can no longer be qualified as a single person.

  • they are not a person who is barred from using the Services, or under any under applicable laws.

  • You are not currently registered on the Sex Offender Register

  • You have never been convicted of an indictable offence, or been found guilty of an unlawful act involving fraud, violence (including domestic violence), harassment, terrorism or hatred

EasyRishta reserves the right to decline, suspend or terminate membership or subscription at any time if a Member or Subscriber does not meet any of these conditions.

It is specified that a Member cannot create more than one Account with the same email address.

Once registered, the Member completes their Profile, with the optional or mandatory information as applicable.  This information is published on the Site and shared with other Members through the Services. The distribution by the Member of their personal contact details (e-mail address, postal address, telephone, etc.) is expressly prohibited by EasyRishta (see article 5.1 below).

Once the necessary conditions for registration are met, every Member creates a strictly confidential and personal username and password, which allows them to access their Account.

The Member or Subscriber is responsible for the use of their identification elements by third parties or the actions or statements made by an intermediary on their Account, whether they are fraudulent or not, and will indemnify EasyRishta for any claim arising in connection with these, other than in the event of fault exclusively attributable to EasyRishta or technical failure of the Services. Moreover, EasyRishta is not obliged and does not have the technical means to verify the identity of individuals registering to the Services. If the Member or Subscriber has reason to believe that another person is using their identification elements or their Account, they must inform EasyRishta immediately.

2.2. Procedure and conditions for Subscription

Subscription to the Services, with or without an Upgrade, is paid for. A Member may purchase a Subscription and, thus, become a Subscriber and benefit from the functionalities of their Subscription.

In order to do this, the Member must first identify themselves using their email address and their confidential password. After choosing their Subscription and mode of payment, they must submit their payment. This last step formally concludes the membership contract to the Paid Services and the complete, unreserved acceptance of the Terms of Use. Once the payment has been submitted, the Subscriber is directed to a payment confirmation page. EasyRishta acknowledges receipt of the purchase of a Subscription by sending an email.

Article 3. Right to cancel

Pursuant to article 29 of the Consumer Contracts (Information, Cancellation and Additional Charges) Regulations 2013, the Member is informed that he/she has fourteen days from the purchase of a Subscription to exercise their right to cancel, without incurring any liability and without giving reason, by sending a clear statement requesting this to the e-mail address: . Only requests relating to the exercise of this right to cancel will be processed from these contact addresses. In order for the cancellation to be effectively exercised, the Subscriber must send their request within the fourteen-day cancellation period.

The Subscriber may, if they so wish, access the Paid Services immediately without waiting for the end of the cancellation period, according to article 36 (1) of the Consumer Contracts (Information, Cancellation and Additional Charges) Regulations 2013. There is a dedicated button on the payment confirmation page for this purpose.

If the Subscriber does not wish to access the Paid Services immediately, they may leave the Website after submitting their payment and wait for the expiry of the fourteen-day period. Nevertheless, if the Subscriber connects to their Account and uses the Services before the end of the cancellation period, this first log in following the purchase of a Subscription constitutes an express request by the Subscriber to have immediate access to the Paid Services.

In any event, immediate access to the Services does not deprive the Subscriber from their right to cancel, which remains valid until the expiry of the fourteen-day period. However, the Subscriber who has requested to benefit from the Paid Services before the end of the cancellation period must pay a pro-rated amount for their use of the Services. EasyRishta will therefore reimburse the Subscriber for the cost of the Subscription by deducting the amount equivalent to the days which have passed between the date they first used the Subscription and the date EasyRishta received the request to cancel, provided that every day used shall be payable.

The reimbursement shall be made within 14 days from the date EasyRishta was informed of the Subscriber’s decision to cancel, by the same means of payment which was used by the Subscriber for the initial transaction, save for any instruction from the latter to the contrary.

The Subscriber can find additional information on the Help/Contact us page about the scope and application of their right to cancel.

Paid Services purchased via the Apple Store

If a Subscriber purchases a Paid Service using their Apple ID, cancellations and refunds are handled by Apple under their own terms and conditions, which EasyRishta does not control. To request a refund, a Subscriber must go to iTunes, click on their Apple ID, and follow Apple’s cancellation and refund instructions.

Article 4. Service features

4.1 Free features available to Members

Registration to the Services allows individuals to become a Member and provides access to free features. These features are not the same depending on the Services and may change over time. Becoming a Member does not allow anyone to use all the functionalities of the Website. Depending on the Services and subject to restrictions set by Members if any, free features notably include the creation of the Profile, certain search features, consultation of other Members’ Profiles and registration for Events and Activities. Communication with other Members generally requires a Subscription.

Every Member can control, through their Account, the options which allow them to be visible or not on the Specialised Websites and thus able to be contacted, if applicable, through those. A Member may access the Specialised Websites provided that they satisfy the conditions applicable to Members of that Specialised Website.

4.2 Paid features available only to Subscribers

Purchase of a Subscription allows access to the features described on the Websites. Additional Upgrades may be purchased by the Subscriber. All features of these Upgrades will be described on the dedicated Websites.

4.3 Subscription to the “Badge”

This section does not apply to the Websites where this feature is not available.

Every male Member or Subscriber has the option to subscribe to the “Badge”. The subscription process is the following:

  • The Member or Subscriber must complete 70% of his Profile with the following information: age, height, marital status, type of relationship sought, nationality, ethnicity, has or wants children, weight, smoking, studies;

  • The Member must have a photo on his Profile;

  • The Member must view the EasyRishta tutorials relative to the Badge and available on the Websites;

  • The Member must sign the Hero Charter available on the Websites.

Obtaining the Badge is subject to meeting all the conditions listed above.

EasyRishta may remove the Badge from any Member or Subscriber whose behaviour or comments undermine the values of seriousness and courtesy connected with obtaining the Badge. EasyRishta shall not be liable towards a Member or Subscriber in this event. EasyRishta makes no representations or warranties regarding the holder of a Badge, except that he has met the conditions for obtaining these badges as set out above. Obtaining the Badge should not be interpreted as an approval or endorsement of the Badge holder’s behaviour by the Group.

Should EasyRishta be held liable for any claim arising out of or in connection with possession of the Badge by a Member or Subscriber, the latter shall defend and indemnify EasyRishta from and against all claims, actions, liabilities, costs, damages, losses, expenses suffered or incurred by EasyRishta arising out of or in connection with the Member’s or Subscriber’s actions or inactions or in any way related to the subscription to the Badge.

Article 5. Services

5.1 EasyRishta obligations in relation to the Services

The purpose of the Services, including the Paid Services, is not organising ‘real life’, in person dates between the Members and/or the Subscribers, nor marital counselling leading to marriage nor establishing a stable union, regardless of the Member’s or Subscriber’s personal motivations in this respect.

EasyRishta and the companies of the Group expressly exclude all liability in connection with events of any nature, which could take place between Members or Subscribers during online interactions, whether through the Websites or through Third Party Websites, or during ‘real life’, in person dates between Members or Subscribers arising from use of the Services.

The purpose of the Services, including the Paid Services, is not the provision of access to the Internet nor the provision of electronic communication services to the public. As a result, EasyRishta and the companies of the Group do not verify the actual identity of Members or Subscribers when they connect to the Websites. Further, they do not control nor moderate exhaustively any of the content, which the Members and Subscribers may publish or upload on the Services under their sole liability. However, the photographs and the description featuring on the Profile of every Member or Subscriber will be verified.

Therefore, Members and Subscribers are reminded that they are prohibited from disclosing any information to other Members or Subscribers, which allows them to be identified or located (surname, postal address, email, telephone number…) with the exception of their username, through the Services.

5.2 Obligations of Members and Subscribers

By using the Service, Members and Subscribers must abide by the following rules of conduct at all times and agree that they will not:

  • violate our Community Guidelines, as updated from time to time.

  • post any of their personal contact details or disseminate another person’s personal information (e-mail address, postal address, telephone number, etc.) in any manner whatsoever (in a Profile description, in a photo, etc.)

  • post any Content that violates or infringes anyone’s rights, including rights of publicity, private life, copyright, trademark or other intellectual property or contract right.

  • impersonate any person or entity.

  • solicit passwords for any purpose or personal identifying information for commercial or unlawful purposes from other Members or Subscribers.

  • spam, solicit money from or defraud any Member or Subscriber.

  • post any content that is hate speech, threatening, sexually explicit or pornographic; incites violence; or contains nudity or graphic or gratuitous violence.

  • post any content that promotes racism, bigotry, hatred or physical harm of any kind against any group or individual.

  • bully, “stalk,” intimidate, assault, harass, mistreat or defame any person.

  • use the Services for any harmful or nefarious purpose.

  • use the Services in order to damage EasyRishta or its Group.

  • use the Services for any purpose that is illegal or prohibited by these Terms of Use.

  • use another user’s account, share an account with another user, or maintain more than one account.

  • create another account if EasyRishta or its Group have already terminated their account, unless the Member or Subscriber have EasyRishta’s permission.

A breach by a Member or Subscriber of any of these rules of conduct constitutes a serious material breach of their contractual obligations under these Terms of Use.

The Group reserves the right to investigate and/or terminate a Member or Subscriber’s Account without any refund of any Paid Services if they have violated these obligations, misused the Services or behaved in a way that the Group regards as inappropriate or unlawful, including by reference to any action or communication that occurred on or off the Services. Furthermore, the Group may permanently or temporarily prohibit their access to any of its Services, Events or Activities.

Article 6. Fees, terms of payment and renewal

6.1. Fees and terms of payment of Paid Services

The fees and the terms of payment are described on the Websites. Members may pay either by bank card (on the internet or through a mobile service) or by using an online payment service (PayPal, Direct Debit etc.) according to the options given on the relevant Website. The fees are indicated in British pounds sterling GBP (inclusive of all taxes).

The Subscriber may also purchase one or more Upgrades after purchasing their Subscription according to the conditions set out above and benefit from the features offered by the purchased Upgrade immediately. The Subscriber is, therefore, charged on a prorated basis for the period from the day the Upgrade is purchased until the end of the current Subscription.

6.2. Subscription renewal terms

On the expiry of each period of validity, the Subscription are renewed for period’s equivalent to that originally chosen, unless terminated by the Subscriber in accordance with the terms and conditions in article 9 below. In particular cases, shorter renewal periods may apply as identified on the Website at the time of Subscription. Once renewed, the Subscription, including any Upgrades (if any), will be charged to the Subscriber at the standard (non-discounted) rate.

In addition, information on the duration of the Subscriber’s Subscription is available to Subscribers in the “My Account” section, which allows a Subscriber to manage their Subscription and, if applicable, the termination of the automatic renewal.

Subscriptions purchased via the Apple Store

If a Subscriber purchases an auto-renewing Paid Service using their Apple ID, renewal terms are handled by Apple under their own terms and conditions, which EasyRishta does not control.

6.3. Other services by third parties

The Subscriber may also purchase other ad hoc services, such as buying mobile phone applications or special offers. In this particular case, these ad hoc services are purchased from other providers and in accordance with other terms and conditions of payment to those used for the Services provided by EasyRishta (for example, iTunes for the purchase of an iPhone application). The billing terms, the payment terms as well as the terms for renewal and termination applicable to those ad hoc services and those special offers will be communicated to the Subscriber by the third party and shall be accepted by the Subscriber before his/her purchase.

In any event, the purchase of smartphone applications published by EasyRishta does not in any case give access to Paid Services without the purchase of a Subscription.

Article 7. Intellectual Property

7.1. Content disseminated on the Services

All Services names, trademarks, logos, graphics, photographs, animations, videos and texts contained on the Websites and within the Services are the exclusive property of the Group and, if applicable, its partners and may not be reproduced, used or communicated without the express authorisation of the companies of the Group or their partners, subject to legal action.

The rights of use granted to the Member and Subscriber are limited to private and personal use as part of and for the duration of the registration to the Services. Any other use by the Member or Subscriber is prohibited.

The Member or Subscriber is prohibited from, among other actions, modifying, copying, reproducing, downloading, broadcasting, transmitting, commercially exploiting and/or distributing the Services, Website pages or computer codes of the elements composing the Services and Websites, in any way whatsoever, subject to legal action.

7.2. Content disseminated by the Members and Subscribers

The Member or Subscriber grants the Group a licence to use the intellectual property rights arising from the content provided by them in connection with their registration or Subscription and their use of the Services or the display of their Profile on the Services. This licence specifically includes the right of the Group to reproduce, represent, adapt, translate, digitise, use for the purposes of the Services or sub-license the content provided by the Member or Subscriber (information, images, description, search criteria, etc.) on all or parts of the Services and on all the Websites, in the emails by the Group, and, in general, on all electronic communication media (e-mail, Internet, mobile application) in connection with the Services.

The Member or Subscriber expressly authorizes the Group to modify this content in order to comply with the graphic charter of the Services or other communication media referred to above, and/or to make it compatible with its technical functionalities or the formats supported by the relevant media. These rights are granted on a worldwide basis and for the duration of the Terms of Use between the Member or Subscriber and EasyRishta. The Member or Subscriber may not copy, reproduce, or otherwise make use of the content produced by other Members or Subscribers, other than strictly for the needs of use of the Services for personal and private purposes.

Article 8. Representations and Warranties

8.1. Operation of the Websites and Services

8.1.1 To use the Services, the Member or Subscriber must have the skills, equipment and software necessary for use of the Internet or the mobile applications of the Services. EasyRishta has security measures in place in connection with the use of the Services. However, the Member or Subscriber acknowledges that, due to the nature and limitations of the Internet, EasyRishta cannot warrant that any connection to the Internet or mobile applications will be completely secure.

8.1.2 The Member or Subscriber must have the equipment, including the software and appropriate settings, necessary for the good operation of the Services: the latest version of the Internet browser, activated JavaScript functions, permitted session cookies and accepted ‘pop-up’ windows.

8.1.3 EasyRishta does not warrant that the Member or Subscriber will be able to use the Services if they use a “pop-up killer” tool or an equivalent; in this case, this function must be disabled before using the Services.

8.1.4 EasyRishta does not warrant that the Member or Subscriber will be able to use the Services if their Internet service provider fails to provide an adequate level of service. Similarly, if applicable, the use of smartphone applications purchased by the Member or Subscriber directly from the provider of the application implies that the latter must have a smartphone and a satisfactory connection.

8.1.5 EasyRishta is not responsible for any lack of functionality, lack of access or poor conditions of use of the Websites and Services attributable to unsuitable equipment, to the internal functionality failures of the Member’s or Subscriber’s  service provider, the overloading of the Internet network and for all other reasons external to EasyRishta constituting a force majeure event.

8.1.6 The operation of the Services may be interrupted temporarily due to maintenance, updates or technical improvements, or to update the content and/or the way it is presented. If possible, EasyRishta will notify its Members and Subscribers before any maintenance operations or updates which may impact the Services.

8.2. Information and content provided by the Members or Subscribers

8.2.1. Information provided by a Member or Subscriber to any company of the EasyRishta Group must be accurate and true. The consequences that disclosing this information may have on the Member’s or Subscriber’s life or the lives of other Members or Subscribers are the exclusive responsibility of the Member or Subscriber concerned. The Member or Subscriber discloses and disseminates information, data, text, content and images that concerns them through the Services on their own initiative. Accordingly, he/she waives the right to make any claim against the Group, in particular on the basis of the possible infringement of their image or personality rights, honour, reputation or secrecy of their private life, that may result from the distribution or dissemination of information that concern them under the terms and conditions established in the Privacy Policy to the extent that the Member or Subscriber has previously given their voluntary and express consent to such dissemination as a result of their registration to the Services, according to the Terms of Use.

8.2.2. EasyRishta cannot be held liable for the accuracy or inaccuracy of the information and content provided by other Members, Subscribers and/or the Member or Subscriber themselves, nor the consequences from the use of this information and content. Similarly, EasyRishta cannot be held liable for any content disseminated by a Member or Subscriber that may potentially infringe the rights of one or more of the other Members, Subscribers or third parties and for which EasyRishta demonstrates that it was not informed by a Member, Subscriber or third party, or did not have actual and prior knowledge of before its dissemination or did not commit a breach in the performance of any of its contractual obligations under these Terms of Use.

8.2.3. The quality of the Services expected by both EasyRishta and its Members and Subscribers implies observing a certain level of ethical conduct in the expression and behaviour of the Members and Subscribers, respecting the rights of third parties, as well as the laws and regulations in force. To meet this demand for quality, individual responsibility and ethics, the Group allows any Member or Subscriber to report any content (photography, text, video), behaviours or comments made by another Member or Subscriber that appear to be in violation of the laws and regulations in force, regarding the  purpose of the Services, third-party rights or public morals.

As a result, Members and Subscribers acknowledge and accept that the data they provide, as well as their behaviour or comments made through the Services, may be reported by other Members or Subscribers and may be subject to acts of moderation and/or control by the Group on the basis of objective assessment criteria. In the event this report or control reveals that a Member or Subscriber violated the laws and regulations in force or their contractual obligations under these Terms of Use, EasyRishta may remove this Member or Subscriber’s account pursuant to article 9 below. Depending on the behaviour or the comments made by Members or Subscribers, the moderation team may decide to block any new registration by the relevant person.

8.3. Links and external resources

EasyRishta is only liable for the hyperlinks it creates in the Websites and Services and does not exercise any control over the Third Party Websites and external resources (third-party websites or mobile applications, social networks, etc.) to which the hyperlinks accessible on the Websites and the Services redirect. EasyRishta cannot be held liable for the provision of links directing to Third Party Websites and cannot be held liable for their content, advertisements, products, features, services or any other elements available on or based on the use of such Third Party Websites. . It is reminded that the consultation and use of Third Party Websites is governed by their conditions of use, and that such consultation and use will be made under the Member’s or Subscriber’s full liability.

Any issues relating to a link must be reported to EasyRishta using the contact details included in “About Us”.

8.4 Liability and Indemnity

8.4.1. EasyRishta is only responsible for foreseeable loss and damage caused by EasyRishta, if EasyRishta fails to comply with these Terms of Use or to use reasonable care and skill. Loss or damage is foreseeable if either it is obvious that it will happen or if, at the time the membership contract was made both EasyRishta and the Member or Subscriber knew it might happen.

8.4.2 EasyRishta may not be held liable for any damages incurred by a Member or Subscriber in the event those are caused solely by the latter or if EasyRishta is not in breach of these Terms of Use and its statutory obligations.

8.4.3 If defective digital content, which EasyRishta has supplied, damages a device or digital content belonging to a Member or Subscriber, and this is caused by EasyRishta’s failure to use reasonable care and skill, EasyRishta will either repair the damage or pay him/her compensation. However, EasyRishta will not be liable for damage which the Member or Subscriber could have avoided by following EasyRishta’s advice to apply an update offered to them free of charge or for damage which was caused by him/her failing to correctly follow installation instructions or to have in place the minimum system requirements advised by EasyRishta.

8.4.4 EasyRishta is not liable for business losses. EasyRishta will only supply the Services for domestic and private use. If a Member or Subscriber uses the Services for any commercial or business purpose EasyRishta will have no liability towards them for any loss of profit, loss of business, business interruption, or loss of business opportunity.

8.4.5 EasyRishta does not exclude or limit in any way its liability to Members or Subscribers where it would be unlawful to do so.

8.4.6. In the event EasyRishta or the Group is held liable on the basis of a breach by a Member or Subscriber of any of their legal or contractual obligations under the Terms of Use, the latter agrees to indemnify and hold EasyRishta and/or the Group harmless against any damages, expenses or orders issued against it resulting from the Member’s or Subscriber’s breach of their obligations.

Article 9. Profile suspension – Account closure –Subscription termination

9.1 Profile suspension

Each Member or Subscriber may at any moment request the suspension of their Profile, namely through the ‘My Account’ section dedicated to this purpose, in order to be no longer visible on the Websites nor receive notifications. This suspension is temporary and does not interrupt the Subscription and any current Upgrades. The Member or Subscriber may reactivate their Profile at any moment.

9.2 Account closure

Each Member or Subscriber may at any moment terminate his/her registration to the Services or his/her Subscription by requesting the closure of their Account from EasyRishta, without further charges other than those connected to the transmission of his/her request and without reason, namely through the ‘My Account’ section, by email, using the contact form or by any means which may be indicated in this section. This request will be deemed made on the following working day from receipt, and they will no longer use his/her Subscription and any current Upgrades. The Member or Subscriber will be informed by email about the closure of their Account.

9.3 Non-renewal/Subscription termination by the Subscriber

The Subscriber may terminate the automatic renewal of their Subscription 24 hours after purchase and at least 48 hours before the Subscription is due to renew, by going to the ‘My Account’ section. The termination will take effect on the expiry date of the Subscription. Termination of the Subscription will be confirmed to the Subscriber by email. The Subscriber will no longer have access to the Paid Services from the date this Subscription expires.

Paid Services purchased via the Apple Store

If a Subscriber purchased Paid Services using their Apple ID, auto-renewals and terminations are handled by Apple under their own terms and conditions, which EasyRishta does not control. To request termination of a Paid Service, the Subscriber must go to iTunes, click on their Apple ID, and follow their instructions.

9.4 Termination by EasyRishta

Without prejudice to the other provisions of the Terms of Use, in the event of a breach by a Subscriber or Member of their obligations, EasyRishta may permanently remove the Account(s) of the relevant Member or Subscriber from all the Websites, prevent access to the Services and to any other service provided by its Group without prior notice. This removal will not give a right of reimbursement to the Subscriber. The Member or Subscriber will be informed by email about the closure of their Account.

This closure will take effect without prejudice to any damages and interest which may be claimed by EasyRishta from the Member or Subscriber or their successors and legal representatives as restitution for the losses incurred by EasyRishta as a result of these breaches.

Article 10. Events and Activities

When Events or Activities are offered to Members and Subscribers on the Websites, specific terms and conditions are applicable. You may read these on the pages describing the Events or Activities.

Article 11. Personal Data

The personal data of Members and Subscribers are processed in accordance with the privacy policy applicable to EasyRishta, which is available.

Article 12. Entire Agreement

These Terms of Use form a contract, which governs the relationship between the Member or Subscriber and EasyRishta. They cancel and supersede all previous provisions not expressly referred to or appended and provide all rights and obligations of EasyRishta, of the companies of the Group and the Member or Subscriber with respect to their subject matter.

If one or more provisions in the Terms of Use are held to be unenforceable under applicable laws or regulations or as a result of a final decision by a competent court or authority, the other provisions will remain in full force and effect, to the extent permitted by law, regulation or applicable court decisions.

Article 13. Modification of the Services or Terms of Use

13.1 Modification of the Services

EasyRishta may update and modify the content and/or features of the Services at any moment in order to improve their quality. The Member or Subscriber will be informed of the nature of these updates or modifications when they are implemented on the Websites.

13.2 Modification of the Terms of Use

EasyRishta may modify the Terms of Use at any moment. The Member or Subscriber will be informed of those modifications when they are implemented on the Websites.

Use of the Websites and new registrations are subject to the Terms of Use currently in force. Users of the Websites and Members who do not agree to the modification of the Terms of Use may stop using the Websites.

Subscribers who subscribe before the modification of the Terms of Use will have a choice between two options:

  • The Subscriber may accept the new Terms of Use by continuing to use the Websites;

  • The Subscriber may demand the use of the Terms of Use, which were in force when they purchased their Subscription, for the duration of the initial period of validity of their Subscription only and excluding any renewal periods. They must request this expressly within one (1) month from the date the modified Terms of Use enter into force using the contact details included in Article 14 below. After expiry of the initial period of validity of their Subscription, only the modified Terms of Use shall be applicable to such Subscription.

If the Subscriber fails to request this within one (1) month from their entry into force, the modified Terms of Use will be deemed accepted by the Subscriber.

Article 14. Requests and Claims

For every request or claim relevant to a subscription, the Member or Subscriber may contact EasyRishta completing the contact form, ensuring that he/she indicates their username, customer number and email address.

The Member or Subscriber may also contact the Customer Care by email:

Article 15. Applicable law – Disputes

These Terms of Use are governed, interpreted and applied in accordance with the laws of England and Wales, subject to mandatory laws and regulations in force in the country of residence of the Member or Subscriber. The language of interpretation is English.

Members may make claims on the European Commission’s online dispute resolution platform at: The European Commission will transfer the Member’s claim to the competent national mediators.

In accordance with the rules applicable to mediation, prior to any request for mediation, the Member or Subscriber must first raise any dispute with EasyRishta in writing in order to attempt an amicable resolution.

In the event that an amicable solution cannot be reached regarding a dispute relating to the Terms of Use, the competent authorities will be the courts of the country of residence of the consumer located in one of the member States of the European Economic Area or Switzerland.

Article 16. About us

The Services provided by EasyRishta to Members and Subscribers pursuant to these Terms of Use are offered by International Limited, a private limited company incorporated in England and Wales with registered company number 13287185 whose registered address is at C/O 71-75 Shelton Street, London, Greater London, United Kingdom WC2H 9JQ.

The Websites are hosted on EasyRishta’s servers.

For any questions, you can contact EasyRishta by sending an email to:

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